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Pitch counter

PITCHPERFECT measure hip and trunk rotation and separation and automatically determines pitch count during of all your sessions.

Have an edge over your opponent to stay ahead of the competition. PITCHPERFECT enables you to take control of training. Find your perfect preparation to make every time on the mound dominitation time!


Data collected from your workouts give an unprecedented insight in your training. Compare yourselfs to others and meet wordwilde pitching standerds to become the best. 

PITCHPERFECTs’ online platform provides opportunity for specialized data analysis to build a foundation for perfect pitching and to reduce injury risk.


The PITCHPERFECT app is build to help you set and get to your goals at your own pace. 

Working on your technique

“I use PITCHPERFECT to becomce more consistent with my timing. Knowing the speed and timing of my body provides me with priceless information”

Keep track of your pitchcount

“My practice results are now instant and always available on my phone. The easy overview of my training helps me with planning the optimal workload.”